Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Importance of Physical Balance

I will freely admit I am not the local authority on what a Proper Young Lady needs to know in Society. Luckily, I have Madame Rowbottom's example to follow, and her generosity in gaining dance lessons and riding academy stabling. She has said that it is a fair trade for Miss Rowbottom's language tutoring, but it is more than many have offered for my services.

However, knowing that a woman alone is often vulnerable, I have taken advantage of my status of an Oxbridge alumnus to tutor Miss Annabella in fencing and other forms of self defense. This is one instance when being a shop-keeper's daughter, and one of a pack of children in the town is an advantage. By using many forms, of no particular school, I hope she is less predictable in combat. Pray that it never comes to that.

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