Monday, September 14, 2009

NOW she is at last asking Questions.

The letter from Sir JJ seems to have woken Miss Annabella out of her dreams, for now she is trying to wring the last bit of information out of the one page missive. On first reading, the letter is innocuous enough. The wording is that of an invitation to the Library, not his home. The hour might be considered odd, save that the Caledon Libraries accommodate the hours of all residents of our nation.

However, if one is observant, one notes the letterhead is for the Librarians Militant, not the Caledon Library System. An interesting move, considering that group was one of the sponsors of the last expedition the Professors Scott. I have been unable to ascertain their interest in the lost city of Ligniplies, as archaeology was not the focus of either of the the professors, though Professor Haddington-Scott's area of study was Alchemical History and Practice, this was not the sort of field-work either of them had participated in before.

There was one person, out of a dozen scholars and adventurers, who did return from that fateful expedition. Professor McMinn has been closed-mouthed about it, but his condition on his return was said to have been near death. His friends have stated he is greatly changed. He has not published since his return, and if he had not gained tenure before the expedition, this would have caused him to be released from his college. The Deans must know something else, but I have not discovered a whisper of it.

Sir JJ's summons arriving within a fortnight of Miss Nan's achievement of her majority seems curious. This on top of the shock Miss Nan received at the family solicitor's office - that the house is in her name, not her aunt's - might have brought her out of the clouds at last. I have answered her questions truthfully, but only with the facts I know. My conjectures I have withheld, as I do not want to taint her formulation of her own conclusions.

But for now, we should continue with our normal activities, and it is time for her daily walk with Miss Rowbottom. I shall accompany them as a chaperon, as Miss Hawksmoor is no longer with the Rowbottom household, but the girls are unlikely to find trouble in the park. At least I have a new book, and Observations of Street Nuisances should prove entertaining.

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